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Membership for individual delegates

As a WOSIAM member your name will be associated with world leading scientific anti-aging congresses, such as the highly commended AMWC - Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monaco, established under the aegis of WOSIAM, and which remains the largest aesthetic & anti-aging event ever organized in the world.

Your membership will grant you the following benefits:

  • WOSIAM membership certificate
  • Special discounted rates on many international conferences
  • Access to online educational video content
  • Discounted rates on scientific books and peer-reviewed journals
  • Priority to submit your article for peer-review in Prime Journal
  • Priority to apply to be a speaker at a WOSIAM affiliated congress and/or educational training course worldwide
  • Get listed on the WOSIAM’s directory of aesthetic  and/or anti-aging professionals (under construction)
  • Receive the WOSIAM newsletter with updates on the market products, scientific articles and events

Membership for scientific societies
(under construction)

Get your society affiliated and participate in the development of the anti-aging medicine movement worldwide.

With this membership your society will receive a WOSIAM certificate as a partner.

Consequently, your society (name and logo) will be added to the WOSIAM’s partner list online.

All members within your society will also benefit from “special member rates” on major international conferences.

Your society shall be able to elect/appoint a representative to chair at the scientific committees of events organized and supervised by the WOSIAM.

By joining the WOSIAM, you accept to follow and apply the WOSIAM rules and goals as described hereafter:

  • It is the WOSIAM's goal to have representatives or delegates in the various countries and regions of the world.
  • The role of a WOSIAM delegate is to inform the WOSIAM's board of directors or administrative members of important new developments in the field of aesthetic & anti-aging medicine in their country (local events, restrictions, local interest, etc.). 
  • The duty may involve directing a person in need of information to the WOSIAM's board of directors or administrative members and reporting any new information by e-mail, phone, or in person during WOSIAM conferences.

Your contribution enriches global scientific knowledge and your WOSIAM membership enhances your status in the eyes of your patients and colleagues.

It also gives you an opportunity to positively influence on anti-aging medicine, not only in your country but also worldwide.

It is the opinion of the board of directors that the WOSIAM can only grow with the participation of a diversity of nationalities, and by the professional quality of their delegates.

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