It is my pleasure and honour to host the CFA course for the seventh time next October. I am proud to be joined by a fantastic faculty of Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists with an immaculate track record in the field of Facial Aesthetics. We welcome you to share your thoughts and learn from our experiences in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the vibrant City of Amsterdam.

Ali Pirayesh, MD, FCC, Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeon

Clinical Facial Anatomy


CFA has become the exemplary course in facial anatomy and injection skills. This unique industry independent course brings together a faculty of more than ten internationally renowned dermatologists and plastic surgeons who excel in their willingness to share their knowledge of applied facial anatomy and vast experience in injection techniques.


SAFE stands for Scientific Aesthetics for Experts and is the core aim of the CFA course to demonstrate and disseminate knowledge of SAFE and reproducible techniques and products. The aim is to grow your practice by boosting your confidence and enhancing the trust of your clients in your abilities.


We have structured this course to be tailored to your specific needs. A pre-course detailed questionnaire will identify the areas of interest or concern which will allow targeted allocation of delegates into special focus groups. Examples are fine tuning the face with toxins or specific filler injections in tear trough, nose or lips. Our stellar faculty can cater for the basic and safe needs for physicians just venturing in aesthetics to master techniques for the most discerning delegates.


Aesthetic Physicians, Dentists, Dermatologists, Opthalmologists, ENT Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons (Nurses who may inject toxins and fillers in their own country such as the United Kingdom, United States & Canada). 

Our stellar faculty can cater for the basic and safe needs for physicians just venturing in aesthetic practice to master techniques for the most discerning expert delegates.


CFA gives you both core and advanced knowledge of facial anatomy related to Facial Aesthetics. We will demonstrate the layering concept of fillers and combining them with toxins and energy based devices. You will learn how to navigate the face with products of different characteristics avoiding complications and danger zones. You will appreciate the tips & tricks of more than TEN renowned experts so you can choose what, where and how to apply the techniques in different ways.

Delegates will have the unique opportunity to inject and dissect cadaver tissue on day 1 and also to perform live injections of preselected areas of interest with individual monitoring of their technique by our faculty on day 2.

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