You are invited to partake in this highly specialized, very practical course that will take place in Paris on 25-26 November 2017.

2-Day workshop on practical anti-aging medicine

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ECAAM is a two-day workshop that focuses on the practical side of the Anti-aging Medicine and promotes wellness, longevity and a four P medicine.


They are the essence of my teaching and, I believe, are the key elements of a successful anti-aging treatment: prevention, prediction, personalized medicine and the participation of patient.


The course is taught by some of the most experienced international anti-aging specialists. Furthermore, the fact that the number of people per group does not exceed 20 participants makes it highly interactive. It offers a holistic approach to anti-aging and covers a wide range of topics, such as the thyroid, estrogen, melatonin, dhea, and their interactions and many more. You will not only learn about the most latest developments in these spheres of anti-aging medicine but also gain practical knowledge and be able to apply it immediately it in your daily practice.


Anyone interested in anti-aging and preventive medicine: anti-aging practionners, gynecologists, nutritionists, cardiologists, general practitioners, dietitians, aesthetic doctors. If you are interested in finding out how the process of aging affects our bodies and what to do to reverse or slow down this process, then this course is for you.


On completing the course you will be updated about the latest developments in anti-aging and preventive medicine, gain essential knowledge that will help you to transform your own practice and become an anti-aging expert in this new but rapidly developing field of medicine.

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