Dr Tom Van Eijk shows us how to delicately reinforce the facial skin in a mature patient, using only 1CC of product for full facial rejuvenation. To do this Dr Van Eijk demonstrates how to identify the areas through pinching the skin, this motion highlights the vulnerability of the area even before you can see visible wrinkles. In order to strengthen the skin in these areas, a hyaluronic acid filler is used to create multiple dermal injections. By squeezing the skin together lightly, we can observe the weakest part of the skin shift and the filler is injected.

This video gives you Dr. Van Eijk’s insight on how to use just 1CC of product to make a big difference through his skin tightening technique.

Dr Tom Van EIJK
Aesthetic Practitioner
Published on 14/03/2019
Recorded at MCA LIVE (MONACO, 2018)